The Belem Collection by 727 Sailbags

The Heritage of Classic French Sailing

For the first time, the Belem associates its image with a collection of both leather goods and bags. For this collaboration, 727 Sailbags has created a range of products that uses 100% recycled sail, inspired by the original sails of this legendary three-mast ship. Cut in old sails reminiscent of classic yachts, this collaboration offers undeniable French elegance. Cast off and climb aboard one of the oldest three-masted ships in Europe, to discover a range of exclusive bags.

An authentic collection

Warm colors, shaped with a clean design and created for all occasions! It's time to go to sea!

Find your inner sailor and let yourself sail towards an ocean of freedom aboard the Belem. 727 Sailbags and Belem - A unique collaboration of heritage.

One that captures the essence of escape and iodized air! Compact and practical, our Onshore travel bag in recycled sailcloth accompanies you everywhere, with elegance. This collection, designed exclusively with Belem, is available in 100% recycled sail and natural leathers.

Durable, lasting quality

Made from 100% recycled sailcloth, the collection is also adorned with natural leather.

This offers our customers a set of functional, aesthetic and durable quality sailcloth bags. Elegant and authentic, the Belem collection by 727 Sailbags is inspired by the zig-zag patterned seams specific to the original sails of the legendary three-masted ship. On each of the pieces, we also find the "lucky star" of the ship, which saved it from endless dangers and continues to guide it to this very day.

The Belem - The Three-Masted Legend

The famous silhouette of this legendary three-masted ship was born in 1896, in a shipyard near Nantes. Its solid steel hull loaded with cocoa criss-crosses the Atlantic, connecting France to the Portuguese trading post of Belem, in Brazil. Successively passing through the hands of three shipowners until the First World War, the merchant ship was then converted into a luxury yacht by the Earl of Westminster, before accompanying Sir Arthur Guinness in his dreams of long-distance sailing. Later in Venice, she became a training ship for the Cini Foundation, before disappearing into a shipyard on the lagoon - to be later found by chance by a Frenchman. Bought by Caisse d'Epargne in 1979, the Belem re-joined France to be restored and then placed back on the water.

The last heir to the great merchant ships of the 19th century, it is today, thanks to the Belem Foundation, a formidable transmission tool, dedicated to both apprentice sailors and the public who flock to its historic deck. Sixteen crew members continue the tradition of classic French sailing on board.

727 Sailbags' Commitment to the Belem Foundation

More than just a sailboat, the Belem is a school of the sea and of life. The only lasting survivor of the legendary 19th century sailboats, the Belem continues to exist and inspires the more than 30,000 visitors who come to embrace it each year.

To help make this dream last, 727 Sailbags has decided to donate part of the profits from the collection to the Belem Foundation. A historical monument, it continues to this day - thanks to this foundation - to be a formidable transmission tool, dedicated to apprentice sailors and the public who flock to its historic deck.

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