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Fanny Packs

Practical and trendy, the fanny pack is an essential piece for adventurous folks who are always on the move! It allows you to carry your personal items safely and hands-free, so you can enjoy every moment.

A small sail bag made from 100% recycled sail

A fanny pack, also known as a waist pack or belt bag, is a small, compact bag that is worn around the waist or across the shoulder. Ours is made from 100% recycled spinnaker sail and designed in our workshop in France.

This small sail bag comes in two colors : black and terracotta, to fit your mood and style. It features a top opening with a double-slide zipper, a zipped pocket in the back, and an adjustable strap that can be fastened around the waist. Fanny packs are designed to be worn snugly against the body, either in the front, side, or back, allowing you to carry small personal items and essentials comfortably while remaining hands free. 

Why we love the fanny pack?

  • Convenience: Fanny packs are incredibly convenient for keeping essential items close at hand. They provide easy access to items like keys, phones, wallets, sunglasses, and lip balm without the need to dig through a larger bag or pockets.
  • Hands-free: Fanny packs allow you to keep your hands free for other activities, such as hiking, jogging, cycling, or shopping. This can be particularly useful for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers and sailors!
  • Organization: The Fanny pack often has a large compartment and a smaller back pocket, which can help you stay organized. You can separate your items and keep them neatly arranged, making it easier to find what you need quickly.
  • Comfort: Wearing a fanny pack can be more comfortable than carrying a larger handbag or a backpack, especially during extended periods of activity. The weight is distributed evenly around your waist, reducing strain on your shoulders and back.
  • Security: Fanny packs are designed to be worn close to the body, making it more challenging for would-be thieves to snatch your belongings compared to a traditional shoulder bag or backpack.
  • Fashion statement: Fanny packs have made a resurgence in fashion and have been embraced by many as a stylish accessory. Ours comes in a sleak black or warm terracotta shade, allowing you to express your personal style.
  • Travel-friendly: Are you a frequent traveler? Fanny packs are convenient to carry essential travel documents, such as passports, tickets, and money, while keeping them secure and easily accessible.

Whether you're always on the move, an eco-conscious shopper, or a frequent traveler, there are plenty of reasons to love the fanny pack! This sail bag is a unique eco-friendly piece to cherish for years, or to offer. 

A fanny pack with a story to tell

Each 727 Sailbags fanny pack is unique and made from 100% recycled spinnaker sail.  Filled with sea salt-kissed memories, the light and supple sail cloth carries incredible stories of journeys and stopovers, storms, victories, nautical encounters... A certificate of origin is sewn inside each fanny pack, which guarantees the origin of the sail.

So much more than a simple accessory, the fanny pack sail bag is a testament to 100% French know-how and carries its story within. A story of the open sea... its now up to you to write the rest of it. 

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