Recycled Sailbags | 727 Sailbags


Are you dreaming of a bag that combines style, durability, and sustainability? Embark on a unique journey with 727 Sailbags' bag collections, crafted from recycled boat sails and exquisite craftsmanship. Each sail tells a story, and 727 Sailbags invites you to explore this narrative through their chic, minimalist pieces made exclusively from 100% recycled boat sails.

Sailbags: Eco-Friendly Elegance Crafted from Recycled Boat Sails

Renowned for their resistance to the elements, recycled boat sails seamlessly blend with noble materials like leather and linen. From totes to clutches, handbags to travel bags and backpacks, our sailbags cater to every occasion. Whether you're carrying everything you need or just the essentials, our range of small, medium, or large sailbags accompanies you everywhere, making a statement at every event.

A Personalized Touch to Sustainable Fashion

Our eco-friendly recycled sailbag make the perfect gift! For a loved one, newly weds, a graduation or a birthday, a sailbag is sure to make a statement and be a gift that be cherished for years to come. Browse our large collection of bags to find the perfect fit: including the Legend handbag for quick errans, the Wally backpack for weekend adventures and the Carla travel bag for weekend getaways.

Recycled Sailbags: Inspired by the Sea, Crafted in France

Feel the wind from Brittany in our collection of recycled sail bags! From our creative workshop in Lorient (Brittany, France) we collect and repurpose sails from skippers, sailboats, and boaters, giving them a new life beyond the sea spray. Sailors are our first customers: they love exchanging their favorite sails to receive in return beautiful handbags and backpacks made from their sails, filled with meaningfull memories.

More than just a bag, 727 Sailbags offers you a story: unique pieces born from a desire for challenges, sustainability, great travels and cherishing memories.