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1/ How to follow my order/Late delivery: As soon as our carrier takes possession of your parcel, he sends you an e-mail which informs you of all the information relating to it. You can follow your order on the website of our UPS delivery service, by means of the parcel number received by e-mail when your order is sent. If you have any questions relating to your parcel delivery details, you can contact the carrier directly: By telephone :

  • UPS customer services: 1-800-742-5877

On the carrier website:

2/ If your parcel is damaged when it is delivered: You check the condition of the product, then sign the receipt after noting the specific details of the reservations which best describe the condition of the parcel at the time of delivery. (E.g.: holes in the parcel, parcel crushed, parcel torn, etc.)

3/ If the parcel is in an unacceptable condition when it is delivered: You refuse the parcel and write the reason clearly (not the product you ordered, severely damaged product, etc.)

Find all the information on the terms and conditions of delivery here
The return procedure is carried out entirely online on 727sailbags.com/us. You can make a request to return or exchange your creation within 14 days of receipt of the order, on 727sailbags.com/us in the "My account" section, then "History and details of my orders" here: History of my orders.
Once the return request has been validated by 727 Sailbags INC, you will be able to send your product back to us within a week. The cost of return is your responsibility. We will reimburse you by cheque or bank transfer.
727 Sailbags product's
We only use sails that have been used on yachts, none of our creations are made with new sails. Moreover, we trace the maritime history of each of our products as evidenced by the authentication label: what type of sail, on board which sailing vessel, with which skipper, in which seas, which oceans.
We take care to wash all the sails that we recycle. 727Sailbags' creations are unique items, made from 100% recycled sails. Thus, marks due to use during the life of the sail (natural ageing of the sail that has been exposed to the sun's UV rays, to the lashing of the sea spray in the ocean, to rubbing on the boat's deck, etc.) cannot be considered as a fault and are part of the product's history.
Bags in Dacron sailcloth (white sail) with an acrylic base can be machine washed at 30° C, taking care to remove the handles so as to avoid damaging them.
However, for technical sails or leather bases, you can use a brush and household soap for example.
To prolong the life of bags made of technical sails, we recommend hanging your bag on a coat hanger or a door handle so that the sail is not damaged.
Most of our creations can be personalised in the "design your bag" section. You can choose your model, the sails, the base material, the colours and the numbers! Design Your Bag section here

All our bags are accepted by the airlines as cabin luggage except the OFFSHORE travel bag and the Sailor JACK bag (the mini JACK bag for children is accepted)
The rope used is very strong, the knots should not come undone. If they do, you can retie them very easily with a simple knot.

Our bags are not watertight, but they are water resistant. Sailcloth is designed to be spray resistant and is therefore water resistant. As for the bag bases, we put a PVC lining that protects the bag from the water, the acrylic bases make the water form in beads on the cloth.
Customer service
We deal with this question on a case by case basis. If repairs are needed, we suggest you drop your product off at the shop where you bought your product.
For the online orders, please fill in the contact form and choose the "after sales" subect, the following information will be ask:
  • email address
  • order reference
  • product reference
  • picture of the product
  • message: description of the repairs that are needed
If you do not find answers to your questions in the FAQ section, we suggest that you send us an email via the contact form. We commit ourselves to answer you as soon as possible.