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Discover the new range of 727 Sailbags bicycle bags, crafted from 100% recycled boat sails.

Connecting the bicycle to the sea

The planet is always at the heart of our concerns, and our crew is constantly looking for eco-friendly solutions that fit into our daily lives. Hence this crazy idea of connecting the bicycle to the sea!

Our collection of versatile bike bags is made from 100% recycled boat sails, offering a second life to this material full of stories and emotions.

Designed to simplify your daily commute by bike, scooter or on foot, these bags support a lifestyle with a lower impact on the planet.

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It all starts with the sails

We always need to adapt to the sails we collect. Because each sail has its own story! So, it was a long road to identify the right sails to recycle for this project, cut them and prepare them.

To offer you 2 different styles, we’ve chosen two different types of sail: :

  1. Dacron ®, a cruising sail made from knit polyester, knowned for its robustness. 
  2. Technical sail, 2. Technical sail, a racing sail that is more graphic and rarer, for those looking for a very unique bag.

The design process

To make your daily commute easier, we have imagined a durable bike pannier that can be transformed into a backpack and a handlebar bag to use as a cross-body bag. Both designed in sportier style than the rest of our collections.

From the chosen sails, we worked for several months on the designs to create an elegant and functional bag: with a bottle holder, pockets and of course the eyelet and zig zag stitching that are the signature of 727 Sailbags.

We chose natural and recycled materials, and a thick, water-repellent cotton canvas woven in France. The reinforcement on the back of the backpack is also made of recycled sail, a very thick membrane from an America's Cup boat.

On and off your bike in seconds!

Switching from cycling to walking has never been easier!

Thanks to a German made KLICKfix pannier system, the Biky adjusts and fits standard bike racks. Attach the pannier easily and enjoy your bike rides without carrying your everyday gear on your back! foot, unclip the pannier and unfold the straps from their top flap-pocket to wear it like a regular, comfortable backpack.

The Scooty cross-body bag attaches easily to all types of handlebars (mountain bike, hybrid bike, road, city) thanks to two adjustable Velcro fasteners.

Watch our how-to video !

Technical Specs

The Biky Bike pannier

Technical Specs

The Scooty handlebar bag

Biky pannier

Khaki & orange

Scooty handlebar bag

Blue & Yellow

Biky pannier

Blue & Yellow