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Justine Mettraux


Who are you ?

My name is Justine Mettraux, I am Swiss, and have been sailing at a professional level for 10 years now. I am from a family of 5 children of which 4 are sailing at a professional level.

Sailing arrived gradually in my life. My parents bought their first boat in Geneva and as a child, I sailed a lot with them on Lake Geneva. Their passion was quickly instilled in me and I readily wanted to make a career out of it. My 1st participation in the Volvo Ocean Race was in 2014-2015 and soon after, the Solitaire du Figaro. I love spending time at sea, I feel free and I can embrace my competitive nature. Offshore racing allows me to unite these two factors hand in hand.

Justine Mettraux

Justine Mettraux

Solo or with crew ?

I started racing with a crew. Then I worked towards my solo adventures... I love it and I believe it is the best way to make progress and become a versatile skipper. But I've always loved sailing in a team every now and then - as I've done recently during the Volvo Ocean Race.


What values do you share
with 727 Sailbags ?

First of all, ecology is a subject that is close to my heart and that I share with the whole team at 727. When we sail, we are well aware of the impact that we have on the sea.
Entrusting sails to 727Sailbags, eliminates them being thrown away, buried or burned. I find it super to “preserve” or honor these types of materials. Sails allow us to move our boats forward, this is our main source of energy, our engine, and after sailing and doing a number of miles, I find it important that they can be given a new life. 

What is your definition of freedom ?

…it’s all about spending time at sea, and living those beautiful moments. During the offshore races, everyone concentrates each week on “moving the boat, going forward and reaching the right places…” we become disconnected from everything in the world, everything that happens on land, and it is rather nice. Even during the intense manoeuvre moments, we stay natural, connected to nature, we follow the sun’s rhythm, going to sleep and waking up with it…and we say to ourselves: « How lucky are we to be here, to wake up at 3 am in the middle of nowhere, we are free to live our passion! »


Is sailing more complicated for women ?

It may be more challenging to exist, to prove yourself...But I believe that is the case in many fields ! From a physical standpoint, it is a bit more demanding for us, but that is the only aspect that could hinder a woman in her career as a professional sailor. Personally I refuse to consider this as an obstacle, and I try not see this as a difference.

Justne Mettraux

Justine Mettraux

What are your professional goals in the short/medium term ?

To continue to navigate professionally, on different boats – that’s what I really like... To keep on living different experiences on different boats, with people who help me make progress. I want to reach new levels of performance... To optimize my decision-making, to become at one with the boat and the elements. As a sailor, it is something that we are always looking for! We’ll have to wait to see what happens next!


Which of the 727 Sailbags creation do you prefer
and why ?

I like Dacron bags, white sail associated with leather, or linen, which are also natural materials ... I love their association and they are more resistant!

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