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Legend handbag

Introducing the "Legend," the inaugural recycled sail handbag model that breathed life into 727 Sailbags.

The Origin of the Legend: A Far 727 Family Boat

Our brand’s history began with a “Legend” bag made from the sails of a cherished family boat, a “Far 727”. So for those discovering our brand, the Legend stands as the absolute must-have  from 727 Sailbags!

Unaltered Design, Endless Renewal: Colors and Materials

Since its creation, the design of this iconic piece has remained unaltered, yet the colors and materials are in a constant state of renewal, inspired by the latest trends. From the timeless Navy collection to the sophisticated French Riviera range, the Legend handbag is offered in a variety of colors and materials, ensuring there's a perfect match for everyone.

The Legend, a medium-sized handbag, is your ideal companion for daily excursions, providing both style and functionality to keep your essentials close at hand. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, with a certificate of origin sewn inside, narrating the recycled sail's story that gave life to each bag.

If you're in search of a larger bag, perfect for weekend getaways or short trips, explore our Carla and Onshore collections. Discover the allure of 727 Sailbags, where every piece tells a tale of maritime elegance and sustainable fashion.

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