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Inspired by the sea and designed for everyday use, our range of backpacks are made from 100% recycled sailcloth. From the city to the sea, from cycling to boating, discover your next functional, comfortable, and stylish backpack. Suitable for all occasions, each recycled backpack, crafted from a boat sail, simplifies your life. To make a positive impact, we strive to preserve the planet in our own way. This backpack contributes to that mission with its recycled sail, all while telling a beautiful story: your own.

Boat Sail Bags

Whether as a everyday backpack or a sports bag, our backpack models can carry everything you need for a day at sea or in the city. For a day or a weekend, this sailcloth backpack is the ideal alternative for a carefree adventure. An ideal recycled sail bag where every pocket serves a purpose. Modernity, simplicity, and elegance: that's how you can sum up our 100% recycled sail backpack.

Choosing Your 727 Sailbags Backpack

More into yachts, regattas, or sailboats? Leather or natural fiber canvas? Between land and sea, the 727 Sailbags backpack collection combines the best of both worlds to suit all your desires. Through wind and storms, your recycled sail backpack will remain your faithful companion. The water repellent sail will protect your personal belongings, while its complementary material (linen, leather, colored acrylic) will set the tone for your outfit. To create your next recycled sail backpack, our crew draws inspiration from the adventures of ships that entrust us with their sails after a long journey, a legendary race, or a summer at sea.

A Collection Full of History

The raison d'être of 727 Sailbags is to give new life to legendary sails. Serving as a link between the past at sea and the future with you, the sail is always at the heart of our creations. On most of our backpacks, the certificate of origin of the 100% recycled sail is sewn with a zigzag stitch into the lining. This way, you can discover the journeys of your recycled backpack, its unique history, and choose to display the colors of your favorite skipper or boat.