From the sea to the land: meet our bike bags.

For both our sailors and skippers, recycled boat sail is the ideal material to create robust, reliable and desirable products, while respecting the oceans. For several months, our team has tested numerous designs, pannier systems and shoulder straps to create a range of functional bicycle bags, as practical for trips at sea as they are on land.

Discover the history of the development of this new bike bag collection born in Lorient, in Brittany France.

Bike bags made from recycled sail

Designed for small everyday adventures and big expeditions, the range of bags, panniers and bike accessories can be attached and detached in a flash, to adapt to all backs, all roads and all handlebars!

The Biky pannier backpack convertible

Both a bicycle bag and a backpack, the Biky bag is made from recycled sail combined with a thick water-repellant cotton canvas, woven and processed in France. These two materials form the perfect alliance to resist rain drops and sea spray!

The many pockets and padded back of this bike pannier backpack convertible allows you to load your groceries, your laptop or your beach essentials in the same bag.

Once out and about, the bag adapts to your needs:

- As a bike pannier, the bag clips and unclips onto the bicycle luggage rack.

- For walking or hiking, simply take out the straps from the top pocket to carry it as a backpack.

For additional security, hang your lock or your bicycle helmet on the eyelet of the front of the bag.

The Scooty handlebar cross-body bag, for bikes and scooters

Suited for all types of handlebars (scooter, mountain bike, VTC, electric bike, etc.), the Scooty handlebar bag is perfect for keeping your hands free and carrying all your essentials for the day – including your smartphone, a snack or even a mini-bike pump…

Each item finds its place in the large compartment and in the pockets of the bag. Once you arrive safely, simply unhook the Velcro fasteners to carry your bag slung over your shoulder, or hung over your hips like a fanny pack.

Nautical innovation for of urban cyclists

With an elegant and durable design, recycled boat sail bags, backpacks and luggage transform the way you carry your everyday belongings. Recycled sails ensure the durability and quality of the bags, while giving them a unique history and distinct aesthetic.

They are:

- Easy to carry: Their light weight contributes to ease of transport and comfort of use. On the back, on the shoulder or on the hips, the range of convertible bags and backpacks stays perfectly in place without adding additional weight.

- Wear-resistant: The very thick membrane which makes up the reinforcement on the back of the bag prevents wear linked to friction, for durable luggage even with intensive use.

- Authentic: Collected, selected and upcycled by our team in Brittany, the recycled boat sails are delivered with a certificate of origin sewn inside each bag.

Towards greener mobility

By choosing the Biky collection, you are adopting an eco-friendly alternative that respects the environment without compromising on quality or style. In fact, the reusing of recycled boat sails is more than a technical and aesthetic choice, it is the mark of our commitment to sustainable and responsible fashion.

Join us in this adventure towards more sustainable urban mobility.

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