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Weekender and travel bags

Feeling the wanderlust? Indulge in our curated assortment of weekender and travel bags, crafted from recycled sailcloth. Inspired by iconic races, maritime adventures, and leisurely waterfront promenades, our talented stylists have designed a versatile range of travel bags seamlessly blending land and sea aesthetics. Durable and practical, 727 Sailbags' travel bags are not only beautiful, sustainable, and practical – they are all approved as cabin-friendly Explore our selection of Carla travel bags, Onshore travel bags and Polochon duffel bags all crafted from 100% recycled boat sails. Embark on your next adventure with a sustainable twist—your new recycled weekender bag!

What is a Weekender Bag ?

Often spotlighted by leading fashion houses in cruise collections, the Carla Weekender bag is a spacious carry-on luggage designed for a 2 to 3-day escape. From spare clothes to toiletries and espadrilles, this well-organized travel handbag accommodates it all. For those seeking a larger format, the Onshore travel bag takes the spotlight. Ideal for women, men, or anyone in between, this unisex bag serves as a compact carry-on suitcase. Balancing elegance with the resilience of a genuine boat sail, our recycled travel bags are more manageable than a small suitcase and less cumbersome than a hiking backpack.

Elevate Your Travel with Cabin-Friendly, Recycled Bags

Dreaming of a cabin-friendly travel bag for a seamless flight experience? Or perhaps a spacious travel bag for a serene weekend getaway? Look no further—your ideal bags await.

Sustainable Adventures with 727 Sailbags

Preparing for a cruise or offshore voyage? Equip yourself with our range of recycled bags! From handbags to backpacks and accessories, the 727 Sailbags crew has designed a collection that breathes new life into every fiber of recycled boat sails. Choose a travel bag made from boat sailcloth and become part of the eco-friendly adventure. By opting for recycled luggage, you not only carry the memories of miles traveled but also support our commitment to environmental protection. Leave your imprint on this extraordinary sail—craft your unique story with our sailbags.