Our Coastal Decor Ideas for your Home

From the shores of France to North America, the enduring allure of seaside-inspired home décor has transcended decades and shows no signs of fading away! Embracing a maritime aesthetic for your living space is not just a fleeting trend but a sustainable and timeless choice that’ll live through the four seasons. Forever elegant, a coastal-inspired decor creates a relaxed, breezy, and comfortable atmosphere.

Crafted from recycled sail that has actually sailed the oceans, our home decor collection exudes nautical charm and carries the cherished memories from the sea. Here are our curated nautical decorating ideas to create a beachy atmosphere around these pieces, with a definite touch of French flair.

Draw on the colors of the sea.

Navy blue, muted cobalt, bright turquoise, or soft pastel… the ocean waters offer an incredible palette of blues that can naturally fit into any room and nook of your home.

For a bold look, opt for navy blue accents contrasting with a crisp white or red - reminiscent of the classic New England nautical style. A throw pillow, an accent pouf or a door stopper can add an instant nautical touch to any room.

For a sunny coastal decor, choose a bright turquoise blue that’ll make you feel at ease on the Caribbean Seas. This vibrant shade looks especially good on a patio with deckchairs.

Keep it light and airy.

A coastal home should feel like a breath of fresh air. For a beachside aesthetic, opt to keep it airy and bright, with lots of white, beige and sandy tones with clean lines.

A minimalist styling evokes the tranquility of the ocean and its beach, while allowing your nautical décor accents shine on their own. Think white recycled sail, sheer curtains, and light-colored furniture.

We love the contrast of nautical home décor accents against a white shiplap wall or a simple white couch.

Embrace natural materials.

In the French Riviera, the use of rattan, linen, and jute are inherent to home styling. Locals embrace natural shades and materials in their coastal abodes to connect the indoors with the outdoors. Drawing from the colors of the sand and driftwood, the shades of natural materials create a soothing atmosphere prone to relaxing and taking it slow…

Natural materials add texture to your coastal decor too! At 727 Sailbags, we especially love how linen complements the recycled sail and yellow fabric, to create home accents that bring sunshine into your home.

Bring on the sailor stripes.

While Breton stripes may feel an overwhelming décor choice at first, they’re without a doubt a timeless pattern you won’t regret! Reminiscent of the classic sailor uniform, sailor stripes infuse elegance and sophistication to any room. Instead of going bold with a striped wall, we prefer introducing stripes through soft touches like a throw pillow or a pouf.

Make a statement!

Don’t be afraid to add statement pieces! On cushions, on poufs and deckchairs, large numbers inspired by the sailing world add instant nautical vibes to any space.

If you’re ever feeling playful, integrate nautical elements like anchors or buoys. In a bedroom or on a table setting, they will make for great conversation starters too.

Don’t forget the small details.

To bring the final touches to your coastal decor and to anchor your personality into your space, decorate with collected items inspired by the sea, such as glass vases filled with sand or bowls of decorative coral. You can also incorporate beachcombed finds like shells, polished rocks, and driftwood.

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