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The Belem, a legendary three-masted ship, continues to captivate us with its epic history and its imposing silhouette crisscrossing French waters. A symbol of maritime heritage and French elegance, it embodies a precious legacy. Fascinated by this legend of the seas, the 727 crew invites you to delve into its history and discover the origin of our Belem x 727 Sailbags collection.

The Belem, a legendary three-masted ship

The famous silhouette of the legendary three-masted ship was created in 1896, in a shipyard near Nantes, in northwestern France. Its solid steel hull loaded with cocoa crisscrossed the Atlantic, connecting France to the Portuguese trading post of Belem, in Brazil.

Successively passing through the hands of three shipowners until the First World War, the merchant ship was converted into a luxury yacht by the Earl of Westminster, before accompanying Sir Arthur Guinness on his dream of long-distance sailing.

In Venice, Italy, it became a training ship for the Cini foundation, later disappearing in a shipyard in the lagoon before being found by chance by a Frenchman.

Bought by the Caisse d'Epargne in 1979, the Belem returned to France to be restored and then refloated. Now classified as a national historic monument, it is the last heir of the great merchant ships of the 19th century.

Thanks to the Belem Foundation, it is today a formidable transmission tool, dedicated to apprentice sailors and the public who flock to its deck. 16 crew members perpetuate the tradition of classic French sailing on board.

The Belem by 727 Sailbags collection

In 2019, the Belem x 727 Sailbags collection was created - the result of a shared passion for French boating, the recycling of sails and the valorization of noble materials. These values were the meeting point between the 727 Sailbags team and that of the Belem Foundation, thus inspiring the creation of this unique collaboration.

Crafted from vintage sails reminiscent of those of classic yachts, the Belem bags and leather goods combine these materials with high grade leather to create functional, beautiful and eco-friendly bags.

Elegant and authentic, the collection is inspired by the hues, finishes and zigzag stitching characteristics of the original sails of the legendary three-masted ship.

This collection features warm colors, elegant lines and bag formats for all occasions, such as the Legende handbag, the Onshore travel bag, the Windy toiletry bag or our computer case.

It is with passion and pleasure that our workshop has worked for years to offer you these unique pieces. Over the course of its success, the Belem collection has been expanded with new bag models, such as the Odyssey and the Wally, as well as light fixtures.

727 Sailbags is committed to the Belem Foundation

More than a sailboat: a school of the sea, of life. The only survivor of the legendary sailboats of the 19th century, the Belem continues to exist and inspire the dreams of more than 30,000 people who visit it each year.

To keep the dream alive, 727 Sailbags therefore decided to donate part of the profits from the collection to the Belem Foundation. A historic monument, it is today, thanks to this foundation, a formidable transmission tool, dedicated to apprentice sailors and the public who flock to its deck.

2024, an Olympic year

On May 8, 2024, the majestic three-masted Belem will write a new page in its legendary history. For the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, it will transport the Olympic flame from the Greek port of Piraeus, to Marseille, in the south of France.

Do you want to visit the Belem?

The ship is regularly in French ports and can be visited when docked. For more details, visit the Belem Foundation website.

The Belem Collection

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